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Randall Parker is an economist with a sense of humor (yes they do exist), a zest for living and a desire to make people chuckle.

His speeches have been described as both "performances" and "a blend of one-third information, one-third inspiration and one-third humor... a winning combination."

"Speeches about the economy should not be boring, droning orations. Moreover, understanding the economy is not as complicated as many would lead you to believe. Placing things in the proper historical context and mixing in the politics always presents the opportunity to make people laugh."

His objective is to present every speech so that the individuals he addresses can learn something about the current state of our economy, feel good about being citizens of our great nation, and yet, not take things so seriously that we can't laugh a little at the whole situation.

Dr. Parker is an active scholar. His areas of research focus on current macroeconomic issues in general and the economic history of the Great Depression in particular. He has written two books, Reflections on the Great Depression and The Economics of the Great Depression: A Twenty-First Century Look Back at the Economics of the Interwar Era. He currently is writing his third book Interwar Antecedents of Modern Inflation Targeting and has signed a contract to be the editor of the reference volume The Seminal Works of the Great Depression. Dr. Parker has delivered speeches across the country to trade associations interested in an assessment of the macroeconomic health of the American economy. What better time than now to have him entertain and inform your meeting or convention/conference?


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